About Dalro

Our Vision
DALRO (The Dramatic, Artistic and Literary Rights Organisation) is a high performance global asset management organisation, focused on protecting and growing the value of copyright.

DALRO is a multi-purpose copyright society established in 1967 and administers (or licenses) various aspects of copyright on behalf of authors, artists and publishers. We provide the link between them and the licensees who use their works in their businesses or educational institutions.

Our main areas of administration are reprographic reproduction rights (from published editions), public performance rights (including stage rights for musicals and plays) and reproduction rights (granted for both publishing and copying) in works of visual art.

DALRO has mandating agreements with local and foreign authors, agents and publishers, and a number of foreign bilateral agreements with our sister organisations. This guarantees our clients have access to a vast repertoire of copyright works.

Partners & Associates

  • cipc
  • bsa
  • samro