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Reproducing a Visual Artwork legally is easier than you think!

Did you know that you can only reproduce a visual work of art if you have the permission of its creator (the rightsholder)? When any type of reproduction of the artwork is made, such as in advertising, magazines, course packs and exhibition catalogues, the creator is entitled to a royalty. It's important to remember that artists and their heirs don't have to grant permission for their works to be reproduced.

What can DALRO do for you?

DALRO has agreements with the majority of Northern European and American collective administration societies such as DACS, BILD-KUNST and VEGAP. This means we represent the reprographic interests of a large portion of the catalogue of artists from those parts of the world.

DALRO also represents selected artists (or their estates) directly, including Pablo Picasso (Picasso Administration) and Irma Stern (the Irma Stern Estate).

What DALRO requires from you

If you'd like to reproduce a work of art, we need you to supply us with as much information as possible. Please complete the form below.

Please note: DALRO does not provide the actual artwork - we only administer the copyright of the images.

Enquire Now:

Please complete the enquiry form and DALRO will contact you to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, contact us on 011 712-8330 for further information.

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