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Did you know, if you are a media monitor or a PR company that copies articles, or portions of articles, and sends the clippings to your clients, you need a licence? Or you can continue to get individual permission from the publisher for every single article you send to every client. If you don’t, you’re breaking the law. 

What can DALRO do for you?

A DALRO licence offers a simple, straightforward solution to cover you. We’ve got the permission to give you the publishers’ permission.

The DALRO Media Monitoring Licence allows you to copy and distribute work from local newspaper publishers, as well as an extensive list of international publications. You can rest assured you won’t be infringing on the copyright law and your clients too can know the clips they receive are legal and the rightsholders are being compensated. 

DALRO offers your organisation two licencing options:

Transactional Licences

Transactional licences are a pay-per-use service – a licence as acquired for use of specific sections.

This means that a specific published work will be distributed to a specific group of people at a specific time. 

Ideal for once-off requirements


Media Monitoring Licences

Under a Media Monitoring Licence, DALRO grants permission in advance to an organisation to copy from published editions it has mandates for, provided the copies comply with the terms and conditions of the licence agreement. The institution then reports back to DALRO on what it has copied.

Ideal for organisations requiring multiple copies regularly.


Media Monitoring Licences – More Information

Media Monitoring Licences – More Information

How much will it cost?

The royalty payment distributed to the publishers is 8% of revenue generated from press clipping activity from DALRO publishers.  

Please note: This isn’t 8% of your total revenue! Only press clipping revenue and only from DALRO publishers… DALRO can’t collect money for publishers it doesn’t represent. 

Payment example 

Let’s say you are a media monitoring company that generates revenue of R50 000 per month. 40% of your revenue is from media analysis, 50% is from consulting and advice and only 10% is from pure press clipping (copying or scanning print and digital news and sending it to clients) and of that 10%, 8% is from DALRO publishers. 

The calculation of the royalty payment DALRO would pay back to publishers would be:
R50 000 x 10%
= R5 000 x 8%
= R400 that you would pay to DALRO for distribution to rightsholders. 

What DALRO requires from you

DALRO is fully transparent in all its activities... including distribution. The correct rightsholder must receive the payment due to it. Reporting from licensees is essential to make sure this happens. 

All we would need from you, once a year, is:

for books:

  • Title
  • Edition
  • Publisher
  • ISBN / ISSN number (if available)
  • Number of copies acquired.

for subscriptions:

  • Title
  • Publisher
  • Number of subscriptions held.

This information means DALRO gives the money its collects to the rightsholder whose work has been used. You can rest assured that your payment is going to the rightsholders whose work you use. 

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