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Are you school or higher learning establishment who needs to make reproductions (e.g. photocopies) from copyright-protected works? Legal reproductions require a licence, but DALRO can help!

What can DALRO do for you?

DALRO makes licensing easy. A DALRO licence offers a simple, straightforward solution to cover you. Our licences allow you to make reproductions of work from local publishers, as well as an extensive list of international publications.

DALRO offers two types of licences:

Blanket Licence: available only to public higher education institutions and,
Transactional: available to all educational institutions.

Transactional Licences

Transactional licences are pay-per-use licences – in other words licences to reproduce specific pieces of content for specified group of learners for a specific course.

Ideal for once-off requirements


Blanket Licences:

Granted only to Public Higher Education Institutions

Under a blanket licence, DALRO grants permission in advance to an public higher education institutions to copy from published editions it has mandates for, provided the copies comply with the terms and conditions of the licence agreement. The institution then reports back to DALRO on what it has copied.


What DALRO requires from you

This information is required for both Blanket and Transactional licensing.

  • Name of institution
  • Name of lecturer or staff member
  • Department or course code
  • Type of reproduction (Course pack, intranet, short loan, single item handouts, and/or CD-ROM)
  • Number of Students
  • Page numbers to be copied
  • The bibliographic information of the work permission is needed for. (Title, publisher, issn/isbn number etc.)

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