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DALRO - Royalties for Visual Arts

Are you a visual artist, or the heir of a visual artist? Why don't you entrust your copyright to DALRO for administration?

What can DALRO do for you?

Once a work has been sold, copyright in the artwork remains with you, the creator, (except in the case of commissioned portraits) and you are entitled to a royalty for any use of the image, e.g. using the artwork in books. DALRO will ensure that your work is available for licensing and that you receive all the royalties as your work is licenced.

You as the artist also retains control over how the work may be used.

Please note: We don't fulfil the role of a gallery - we only manage the administration of the copyright to anyone who wishes to reproduce the work and the collection and payment of royalties.

More information

For more information, please find a copy of the Visual Arts Mandate for Artists here: DALRO Visual Arts Mandate for Artists or a copy of the Visual Arts Mandate for Heirs and Successors here: DALRO Visual Arts Mandate for Heirs or Successors.

What DALRO requires from you

DALRO requires the following in order to administer your copyright:

  • A list of existing works
  • Photographs with which to identify works, or an indication in which reference works information can be obtained
  • An indication where artwork of suitable quality for printing purposes can be obtained if required

Enquire Now:

Please complete the enquiry form and Dalro will contact you to discuss your copyright needs. Alternatively, contact us on 011 712-8330 for further information.

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