Get Royalties for Your Stage Play

DALRO - Royalties for Visual Arts

Are you an author of a stage play? Why not entrust the performance rights of your work to us here at DALRO?

What can DALRO do for you?

Any use of your original stage play entitles you to royalties. DALRO will ensure that your work is available for licensing and that you receive all the royalties as your work is licenced.

What DALRO requires from you

The work you submit must be original. If the play is based on an existing literary text or film, or a derivative work such as a cinematograph film or translation based on an original work, and the existing or derivative work is protected. We'll need permission from the rightsholder to manage the rights - but we can help you do this.

All DALRO will need is:

  • A complete copy of the text in electronic format, preferably Word.
  • A short teaser or synopsis of the work - no more than 100 words - for our catalogue
  • A cast list. An indication of the gender split, and which characters can be played by either gender, would be helpful.
  • A breakdown of scenes, if applicable
  • The estimated duration of the play
  • Any prizes the work may have won
  • A short biography of the author(s)
  • Information on whether the work has been performed

*Kindly note that we reserve the right not to include work in our catalogue.

Enquire Now:

Please complete the enquiry form and Dalro will contact you to discuss your copyright needs. Alternatively, contact us on 011 712-8330 for further information.

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