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Whether you are an individual or an organisation in South Africa, legal reproduction of a copyrighted work requires a licence.

DALRO makes getting permission a simple process – just choose the type of work for which you would like to obtain a licence and DALRO will take you through the process, step by step.

Licences for Theatricals
Get Permission to use plays and musicals, etc.
DALRO - Licences for Visual Arts
Licences for
Visual Arts

Get Permission to use paintings, artworks, etc
DALRO - Licences for Text & Literature
Licences for Text & Literature
Get Permission to use Poems, Prose, Books, Articles, Newspapers, etc.
DALRO - Licences for Film
Licences for Film
Please visit the Motion Picture Licensing Company
Licences for Music
Licences for Music
Please visit the Southern African Music Rights Organisation
DALRO - Commonly Asked Questions About Licences
Commonly Asked Questions
Get more information about copyright or about DALRO’s licencing services.

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